Who needs a Bridal Consultant?

Every bride can reap the benefit of hiring an experienced Bridal Consultant. Whether a bride spends an hour or an entire year working with a consultant, the advice and insight of an experenced consultant can make all the difference in your wedding day.

A Bridal Potpourri Wedding Planner/Consultant will:
Guide You Through the entire Wedding Planning Process
Listen to your Vision
Refine Your Ideas
Prioritize Your Budget
Recommend Appropriate Vendors
Apply Proper Etiquette
Prepare Timelines for vendors and the Bridal Party
Orchestrate the Day as the Wedding Coordinator
Tie Up the Loose Ends


Hiring the Right Consultant

Interview several consultants to get an idea what each is like. Do they listen to you or do they have their own idea of how your wedding will be directed? Make sure the personality of the consultant and your personality are a good match. Discuss qualifications, training and their experience level. Make sure the consultant will be accessible to you. Do they have regular office hours? Will they make appointments that are convenient to your hours? What kinds of resource materials does the consultant have access to? Do they offer special discounts on merchandise? Ask for consultant references from your married friends, other brides and from wedding vendors.

Hiring a consusltant is not just another wedding expense. A good consultant will save you time, money and stress. A great consultant will make the planning process seem effortless and enjoyable! Remember, its not the amount of money that you spend on your wedding that makes it extraordinary -- its the attention to detail!

All consulting clients receive a 20% discount on any items purchased in our shop.

Special situations are not a problemjust call us. We are here to help.


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